Ecovala | About us
Circular economy, Finland, Sustainable business model innovation
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About us

our raison d'être

we accelerate the transition to a sustainable society

Our Mission

Ecovala provides innovative solutions to private and public organisations to accelerate their transition towards  sustainability

Our Vision

Individuals and organisations can use creativity  to develop and thrive, in harmony with the biosphere.

Our values

Ecovala is a people-centric and green-minded organisation in which well-being, human ecology and work-life balance are seen as essential values. Ecovala stresses the benefits of innovation, collective intelligence in a transparent and open-source approach.

  • Innovation: we strive to be innovative in the development of new tools and methodologies.
  • Collaboration : we believe that working closely with the clients’ staff is the best way to succeed in making the organisation self-sustainable.
  • Transparency: we share knowledge and approaches with our clients in complete transparency.