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Circular economy, Finland, Sustainable business model innovation
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Projects and clients


January 2013Oxfam Solidarity (ngo)Carbon footprintCarbon footprint calculation of the NGOCarbon footprint, sustainability assessment
January 2011Cabinet of the Minister of the Environment (Brussels, Belgium)Ecological footprintCalculation of the ecological footprint of the cabinet of the Minister of the Environment (Brussels) , and action plan.Ecological footprint, sustainability strategy
September-October 2009Federal public service – Justice department (Belgium)Ecological footprintCalculation of the ecological footprint of the Federal Public Service Justice, and action plan.Ecological footprint, sustainability strategy
April 2011 - December 2011Bpost (Belgium)Paper strategyImplementation of the paper strategy of postal company BPOSTResource efficiency, environmental management, paper
August-September 2010Sodexo (Belgium)EcochèquesService design of the ecocheque solution. Definition of new products categories for the use of the cheque.Complementary currency, sustainable consumption
January-February 2009 :La poste (Belgium)Ecological footprint of paper consumptionAnalysis of the environmental footprint of the paper consumption of the company and recommendations.Ecological footprint, sustainable strategy
2008-2009Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Coaching for the implementation of the regional ecomanagement labelCoaching of the following organisations:
• Design Board ,
• Jette city hall
• Schaerbeek daycares
Environmental management
May 2008 - May 2010Oxfam solidarity (Belgium)EMASSupport the implementation of the environmental management system of the NGOEnvironmental management, EMAS
May - december 2008Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Ecological footprint calculationCreation of an ecological footprint calculator
Coaching 10 companies :- Triodos
- Meulemans
- Beckers
- Port of Brussels
- Couleur Café
- Ancienne Belgique
- Hotel Meridien
- Hotel Plaza
- Closes our Pilifs
- Spadel
Ecological footprint, Environmental management
2006Groupe One (Belgium)EMASImplementation of the environmental management system of the ngo.EMAS, environmental management


January 2012 -– Juin 2013Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Ecoiris pilot projectImplementation of the complementary currency system EcoIris in three pilot neighborhoods of Brussels.Complementary currency, sustainable neighborhood, sustainable lifestyle
October 2008 - February 2010:Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Sustainable neighborhoodCoaching for the Sustainable Neighborhood project in Brussels regionSustainable neighborhood, sustainable lifestyle
November 2013 -January 2014Aalto UniversityArvo at AaltoDevelopment of an online platform to allow for the reuse and share of idle resourcessharing platform, prototyping


2012- 2013Secretariat of the European Council (DEMOS)Training on environmental managementTraining in environmental management in the framework of EMAS certificationEmas, environmental management, training
2011 -2012EcotoolkitTraining on environmental management for SMESCertified trainer Ecotoolkit ( environmental management for small businesses)Environmental management, training
2011 - 2013Green OfficeTraining on environmental management for officesCertified trainer for Green OfficeEnvironmental management, training
2009-2010Federal administration for sustainable development (Belgium)Developpementdurable.beCoordination of the federal news website on sustainable developmentSustainable communication
2005-2008Federal administration for sustainable development (Belgium)Info-durable.beCoordination of the federal news website on sustainable developmentSustainable communication,
January-April 2009City of Ixelles (Belgium)Ixelles EnergyCreation of a set of teaching tools in the context of energy reduction policy for the city of Ixelles.Energy, education communication
May-December 2008RFA (Belgium)FinancitéCreation of an educational game on ethical financeSustainability education, sustainable finance
2005-2007Various private and public organisations (Belgium)HomoresponsabilisTrainer for the Homo Responsabilis sustainable development business gameSustainability education,
2005 - 2007Various private and public organisations (Belgium)J'entreprends @Trainer and facilitator on entrepreneurship awarenessSustainability education, entrepreneurship
OngoingVarious private and public organisationsSustainability tools and methodologiesSpeaker for various themes related to sustainability and CSR : the Natural Step , Ecological Footprint , EMAS / ISO 14001 , Ecomapping ..Sustainability education, green business


January 2013 –November 2013Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Transition of manufacturing activities in the area of Brussels towards a service economy (PSS).Overview of promising practices around Product service system
Development of a regional methodology to generate PSS
Recommendations for a road map on the development of sustainable PSS
PSS, functional economy, business model innovation, public policy
January 2013 – June 2013Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)TIFFIN BrusselsService design on a take back system for food packaging in the restaurant sector.Sustainable food, waste, packaging
September 2012 – February 2013BEP Namur (Belgium) Regional economical development agency of the Namur provinceShort circuits catering platformSystem design of a logistics platform supplying local food products for the regional catering industrySustainable food, logistics, sustainable catering
April 2012 – February 2013IDEA – regional development agency (Belgium)Tertre ecobusiness parkMaterial and energy flow analysis of companies located in Tertre business park. Industrial symbiosis recommendations according to the principles of industrial ecology .Industrial ecology, resources efficiency, industrial symbiosis
January 2011 -July 2011Air Climate Agency in Wallonia(Belgium)Ecosystemic business labelExploratory study for the creation of a regional environmental label "Ecosystemic business"Environmental management, SMEs
January 2011 - September 2011Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Ecoiris – feasibility studyFeasibility study for the establishment of a ecological complementary currencies in Brussels Capital Region.Complementary currencies, system innovation, experimentation
November 2010 - June 2011Air Climate Agency in Wallonia(Belgium)Wallonia climate change adaptation strategyAdaptation strategy to climate change in the Walloon Region. Coordination of the studyClimate change adaptation, public policy
September 09 - December 2010Close the Gap NGO (Belgium, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)Sustainable ewaste managementBusiness plan for the establishment of a system of e-waste management in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania) .Waste management, business model
September-December 2009Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Complementary currencies and sustainable behaviorStudy for Environment Brussels on integrating complementary currencies as a tool for sustainable behavior change.Complementary currencies, system innovation
June-December 2008Ministry of Environment, Wallonia (Belgium)Walloon Sustainable Development StrategyAction plan development for the ENERGY / CLIMATE chapterClimate, energy, public policy
March 2008 - June 2008Brussels Environment – Brussels administration for the environment (Belgium)Training needs in the eco-efficiency and ecoconstruction sectorStudy of training needs in the field of green building and energy efficiencyGreen building, energy efficiency, education
2004-2006European Foundation for the improvement of working conditions .European Restructuring Monitor ( ERM)Coordination of a European network observing practices around industrial restructuring.
Database management
Coordination of the ERM Quarterly publication
CSR, restructuring


January 2011 – December 2013Life Long Learning,Leonardo da VinciNEGOSEDevelopment of an integrated training tools in environmental management for managers offices package.Sustainable education, environmental management, offices
October 2010, October 2012Life Long Learning, Leonardo Da VinciEcotoolkitDevelopment of a training package and toolkit to teach environmental management for SMESSustainable education, environmental management, ecological and carbon footprint
July 2009 - June 2012CIP EconinnovationEmas Easy move it!Collective coaching of businesses around environmental management system in the tourism sector.
Training of environmental consultants on EMAS
Sustainable education, sustainable tourism, environmental management, EMAS, Green Key
2005-2007Life Long Learning, Leonardo Da VinciAgrotourDevelopment of a train-the -trainer for the agritourism sector, based on active learning pedagogy .Sustainable education
Sustainable tourism