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Circular economy, Finland, Sustainable business model innovation
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GardenShare Brussels

GardenShare Brussels

The challenge

Urban community gardens are often public land managed by a wide community of local gardeners. Unfortunately, the demand often exceeds supply: there is not always a multitude of land available and suitable for agricultural production.  Moreover, in neighborhoods where shared gardens exist waiting lists are often long to be able to participate actively.

The solution

The GardenShare Brussels project is part of the dynamics of shared / community gardens, but goes further: it aims to overcome the limitations of the private sphere, starting from the fact that many owners in Brussels have in the back of their home unused gardens (because of a lack of time, lack of interest), which could be made available to urban gardeners candidates.  The project aimed to encourage gardens sharing by launching a « GardenShare design scheme », and establish a toolkit facilitating the matching between unused garden owners and gardeners candidates  The Garden-Share project developed by Strategic Design Scenarios and Ecovala is part of the call for project Sustainable Food IBGE, Brussels (Call for Project 2013). 

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